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Positive digital footprint

November 3, 2009

A positive digital footprint would include positive info about yourself that you’d share with the public. It wouldn’t be anything bad or something you wouldn’t want others to know about. I think the only time you should display your real name is on your email account and myspace. Just don’t put in where you live and ideas of where to locate you. Only do it on websites that you trust and know. I think the person that’s responsible for what you do on the internet is your parents. They’re the ones who allow you to do certain things and if they don’t teach you how to do things the right way it’s their responsibility. Then the only place you would see my picture on the internet is myspace. I have my identity sealed!! No way you can find me just that I live in Green Bay and that’s it! If you were to look me up on myspace the only thing you would find out about me is my display name, a picture, and the state I live in(city too). Then if you were my friend you would see pictures of my baby, boyfriend, and friends.