Mount Everest Collage

December 17, 2009

Curious George represents how curious everyone is about if they will make it to the top or not. Have this unsure feeling in their gut. The clock is represents how they’re kind of on a schedule which makes them feel rushed, especially for Erik because he’s blind. The ice is for how cold it is throughout the whole story. The picture with the person on top of the world is at the ending when they make it to the top of Mount Everst. They have this accomplished feeling like they’ve done it horay!!Then they eye represents how Erik is blind and can’t see. Can’t see what’s going on around you which makes him curious. The cat in the jar is suppose to show how claustrophobic they felt. Like in a sticky situation. Then the foot stool is suppose to mean sturdy. When Erik was going across the part where some people had died he had to be extra careful. Extra sturdy and careful of where he steps so a chunk of ice doesn’t fall and take him with it. The orange face is showing fear, everyone showed fear through out the expedition.


Most Challenged

December 4, 2009

The most challenging thing that I’ve ever done was being able to stay in the track team. It’s very hard for me to start something and finish it. Like sports at school because when I try out for it I don’t really know what I’m doing. That’s why I quit and it seems like the coaches don’t help. Like in basketball I was doing something wrong the coach told me to go home if I couldn’t do it right. That made me really mad when I tried my best. When I went out for the track team the coach didn’t put me down. Instead he like said things that made me want to try harder and not quit. When I came in first and second place it made me feel really good inside and out. Although it was hard work running forever with my ankles and thighs hurting and sweating up a storm I did it! If you ever face a challenge you should always do your best. The end result will surprise you making you feel like you’ve accomplished something and to never quit.

Positive digital footprint

November 3, 2009

A positive digital footprint would include positive info about yourself that you’d share with the public. It wouldn’t be anything bad or something you wouldn’t want others to know about. I think the only time you should display your real name is on your email account and myspace. Just don’t put in where you live and ideas of where to locate you. Only do it on websites that you trust and know. I think the person that’s responsible for what you do on the internet is your parents. They’re the ones who allow you to do certain things and if they don’t teach you how to do things the right way it’s their responsibility. Then the only place you would see my picture on the internet is myspace. I have my identity sealed!! No way you can find me just that I live in Green Bay and that’s it! If you were to look me up on myspace the only thing you would find out about me is my display name, a picture, and the state I live in(city too). Then if you were my friend you would see pictures of my baby, boyfriend, and friends.

Literature Terms

October 28, 2009


Fantasy Holiday-Animal Care Day

October 22, 2009

Animal Care Day would be a day where animals are allowed in any public place. A lot of places don’t allow pets so this day they’ll have access to go where ever they want; like the park. It also includes a day where they can get all their shots and registry done for free. It would be like a big day for appreciating your furry loved ones.

If I could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

October 21, 2009

If I could go anywhere in the world it would probably have to be Hawaii. It would have to be when we have winter in Wisconsin because me and the cold weather don’t get along. That way I can go away to Hawaii where it’s warm, a new place to be, and nothing like home. I would go with my boyfriend Kory, brother, and sister. We ‘d probably be down there for a day or two. Money wouldn’t really be a problem because my brother and I have money already. We would have to go when I turn 18 when I have access to my money in the bank. I’d like to go there because it looks beautiful with the white sand, clear blue water, and the nice warm weather. Seeing all the palm tress and the interesting people there would be so exciting!

Hello world!

October 20, 2009

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