Help the Environment

March 23, 2010

At home I would tell everyone in my family that we should start recyling. Clean up the neighborhood from the the garbage that all the lazy people put there. Probably put up false signs saying some sort of fine if you litter. That way they won’t be tempted to throw their garbage on the mother earth!At school I would yell at people to throw their plastic bottles in the recycle bin.Haha!!I would create a little crew that’s against littering all the good stuff. Write them a fine from the school saying they must do this or that for their little crime.


Sketchfu of Old Major

March 12, 2010

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This is Old Major from the story Animal Farm. He gave speeches in the farm all the time and made a point to the animals of the farm that man is evil. He was a very old pig who had many children and made an important speech. He sang a song to the animals of the farm of how the land should be theres and they shouldn’t have to rings on their nose and harness on their back.Very well respected pig.


March 4, 2010

I think people should read my blogs and others as well to know new facts. It’s an interesting thing to know what others think and how it relates to the readers thoughts and opinions. I think my blogs are interesting because it expresses the way I view things and to me that’s important. (Maybe not to others but oh well) Another thing they can learn from reading my blog is some of my personality and how I react or say about certain things.

Floor plan

February 23, 2010

Floor planner
Yes it is free!!

You can design a house like a floor plan of what the house your creating looks like.

I could create a house off the website and print it out and show my teacher so show that I understand.

It would be very useful in designing a house. So in my opinion yes, I’d be very useful. Gives you a visual of what you’r looking for.

My Learnings

February 23, 2010

One big “hurdle” that I encounter at school would be the test and quizes. I don’t like them because you have to remember all kinds of stuff and it’s just not cool! I enjoy learning about the easy stuff. Like my geometry class and some of Biology. As long as there is not a lot of stuff to memorize then it’s all good. Something I would like to learn about would probably have to be about different countries. How it’s different than the U.S. and their way of life. Once I’m all done with high school I want to go on to college. I want to go for a journalist or someone that travels the world and learns new things. I like to explore new and excitings things! In 5 years I see myself just visiting all kinds of beautiful places. Here and there I’ll return home to be with my family to bring back who I am and where I come from.


February 2, 2010

I picked Hawaii because it looks like a beautiful place to be. I’ve seen pictures of their beaches and it seems to be a sunny place. I love sunny warm places! If I could ask them something, I’d ask them what school is like there. How often does it rain and is it true that sharks are near by?

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January 27, 2010


January 13, 2010

Today during 5th hour I have a test which I am not looking forward to! I didn’t study at all so I’m afraid that I might fail this. I didn’t really have time to study although this test seems like it might be easy. Also I can’t wait for this weekend to come. I’m going to hang with some friends and my boyfriend. I’m going to get some money but I need to walk my sisters dog. She’s going out of town and she’s depending on me to take care of her dog while she’s gone. That will be a peice of cake!Easy! I also can’t wait til my brother gets out of jail. Seems like it will be tomorrow but it won’t be until next month. It’s been five months since he hasn’t been home. Once he comes home things will be a lot different, and I mean A LOT!!


January 6, 2010

By time this semester is done I hope to get all my homework in and no missing assignments. I really want A’s for my grade and maybe a B. I want to fully understand everything I’ve been taught since this semester so I can do well for the future. I would have to say this semester wasn’t really that sucessful. I didn’t really do what I wanted to do. For the next semester I hope to get more invovled with school so I can get all my credits or even more than I need. I want to end this school year with a high grade point average. I am going to try to study and actually understand more instead of just looking at it as familiar words.

Christmas break

January 4, 2010

Over Christmas break I baked cookies and frosted them. That’s something we do every year around Christmas. I also helped my mom and sister wrap presents. Christmas day I went to my aunt house and on Christmas eve to open presents from the family. Later on my mom, my son, and I went to the Brown County Jail to visit my brother. It was the first time he got to see his nephew, we were so happy! The next morning was Christmas. I opened up my present then my sons’. My little baby got way more presents than I did! It’s ok though he deserved it! After openening presents we had brunch and spent the whole day visiting at my aunties. The next couple of days I stayed at my aunts. Then on New Year’s Eve I went to a hotel. Later on I went home and had some friends over. Then the rest of my break I kind of just kick it at my house and my boyfriends. And that was my break!